1: Introduction

“Somebody in the newsroom came over and said: ‘We’ve had an email from a woman who wants to speak to a journalist about Jimmy Savile.’” – Lucy Manning

The email had been sent shortly after 5pm, Monday 1st October 2012.

A mere 21 hours later and the unchallenged, ‘improved’ claims made by that woman had already been broadcast.

“That woman was Dee Coles. She became the first person to appear on television accusing Jimmy Savile of being a paedophile.” – Narrator, Olly Lambert’s ‘Abused: The Untold Story’

The following day would see the transmission of Mark Williams-Thomas’ programme, ‘Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile’.

This site will focus on unravelling the claims of Dee Coles – and ask some uncomfortable questions of those who publicised them.


It started with a lie…