18: Hell House! And a sweet-bag-rattling nonce this way comes…

“She [Dee Coles] never complained but Jersey Police today confirmed it had investigated a separate alleged assault by Jimmy Savile at the notorious former children’s home, Haut de la Garenne.” – Lucy Manning, 2nd October 2012

Continuing the theme raised in the previous post, we see that Manning immediately linked Haut de la Garenne to Savile (and with her ‘victim zero‘) in much the same way The Sun would do the following day.

“Dee Coles will go public on tonight’s ITV1 Documentary, Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile to encourage others to come forward. Savile was accused of an attack at Jersey’s Haut de la Garenne children’s home in the 1970s.” – The Sun

(It is notable that both The Sun and Manning refer to an assault or attack in the singular; the next post will cover that ‘singular event’ and the shame of those who sought its resurrection.)

The Telegraph, who despite repeating Manning’s ‘exclusive’ through their tie-in with ITN still appeared confused as to what it was they were publishing – “[t]he interview is part of an ITV documentary due to be aired on Wednesday night” – would later explicitly associate Dee Coles with Haut de la Garenne as nothing less than a resident of the damned place.

“Jersey children’s home victim breaks silence over abuse.
Dee Coles claims entertainer Jimmy Savile abused her while she was living at the Haut de la Garenne children’s home in Jersey.” – The Telegraph

If this was a mistake it was a mistake never corrected.

(It’s worth highlighting that when an error appears in the professional media it first passed through a system of editorial control. If you read the mistaken claim that, say, Karin Ward appeared in ‘Exposure’, not only does it suggest the journalist had not seen the programme but that nor had the journalist’s editor, legal department, etc.)

Our second ‘victim zero’, ex-Duncroftian Karin Ward, also explicitly linked Haut de la Garenne to Savile as the place where – rather improbably – she first met him: already in residential care, it would be during a holiday to Jersey that a visit to Hell House was arranged…

“The door of the building opened and out stepped none other than Jimmy Savile – the famous bloke off the telly! He had a fat cigar clamped between his teeth and wore a rather tatty old tracksuit. He held his arms way above his head and I could see he clutched several bulging bags in his hands.” – Karin Ward

Ward had just encountered the archetypical sweet-bag-rattling nonce – only a puppy in Savile’s pocket could improve the portrait.

“I did say hello to Mr Savile and he winked as he handed me a paper bag full of sweets; there was a five-pound note in the bag too, which caused me to goggle in amazement.” – Karin Ward

No puppy but a wink – it’s difficult not to laugh. But it is no joke to say that this ‘victim zero’ is considered credible – or passed off as credible – by Meirion Jones, Mark Williams-Thomas, Louis Theroux & Olly Lambert.

Karin Ward’s stories are not merely incidental but fundamental to that process termed Savilisation – they are a foundation on which so much shoddy workmanship was laid and upon which an edifice of idiocy was raised.

We are spared the image of Savile abusing Ward while in Jersey – that story held back for Duncroft – although the prospect of abuse having taken place is never entirely ruled out.

“His [Savile’s] distinctive voice was easily discernible even above the noise level of around fifty kids chattering and squealing. And that scene is where my memories suddenly and inexplicably become fractured and strange, as if I’m trying to peer through thick, frosted glass. There are brief snatches of absolute clarity…”
– Karin Ward

These ‘brief snatches’ include some memorable events which those who profess to believe Ward is being truthful  – Jones, Williams-Thomas, Theroux & Lambert – must logically consider to have occurred. It would therefore be very revealing to hear of their efforts in bringing the following culprits to justice:

“… locked inside a St Helier hotel room with a Frenchman who required me to perform fellatio upon him before he penetrated my body in every way possible, multiple times…”

Well, Messrs Jones, Williams-Thomas, Theroux & Lambert?

“… the hugely muscled boxer on the beach at St Ouen’s Bay one night, who carried me into the sea until he was up to his chest in water and told me he would drop me and stand on my head if I didn’t stop screaming. I stopped screaming; he raped me and left me alone in the dark on the beach.”

There certainly seem to be some solid clues to go on here: a boxer; predilection for sea-based rape; muscled (hugely) – an absolute gift for our ace investigative journalists and award-winning documentary makers.

Further, Ward’s reminiscences leave no doubt that some sort of evil ‘ring’ must have been in operation and while some details are sketchy it’s incomprehensible that those who have profitted financially and advanced their careers off the back of her Savile-strand would not also dedicate some time to the rest of it – yet there is nothing to suggest this is the case. Do they really believe her, do you suppose?

“Other, fleeting and far less clear memories of various sex acts with faceless, nameless people…” – Karin Ward

It’s no wonder Ward decided to abscond from the children’s home that had gifted her such a terrible (though event-packed) experience on Jersey.

“I’d plotted with a local Hell’s Angel to escape the night before leaving Columbine House, but my plans were foiled. I was caught… … and I was driven away by a social worker.” – Karin Ward

Driven to where? Why, to Duncroft of course. Would her luck change?

“The strangest thing of all though, was that not very long after I arrived at Duncroft, who should come visiting but Mr Savile!” – Karin Ward


References and more Karin Ward madness here. 

One thought on “18: Hell House! And a sweet-bag-rattling nonce this way comes…

  1. Bandini, suffice to say I agree, pretty much entirely, with your recent tweets.

    How I’d sum up my views is that this Beech character got deservedly sent down, but is also a scapegoat (as it turns out, not only is it possible to be both mad and bad, it is also possible to be mad, bad and also a pawn).

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