Appendix: 15

Supplemental to ‘Hell House! And a sweet-bag-rattling nonce this way comes… 

Firstly, for those interested in further reading I recommend the following blogs:

Rabbitaway and Moor Larkin

They’ll have forgotten more than I’ll ever know about the subject: two astrophysicists trapped at a flat-earthers’ convention trying to explain the concept of a sphere to the assembled lunatics. For the last seven or so years…

The archive of the no-longer-with-us Anna Raccoon is also recommended.

For more on Karin ‘Kat’ Ward we have an interview from November 2017 on English-language Spanish radio.

(At 14’30” we hear Ward expertly swerve the question of whether or not the doctors helping with her ‘issues’ were ever made aware of Savile being an alleged abuser.)

At 24’30” Ward is asked if she believes that ‘those above’ were aware of the abuse she claims went on at Duncroft:

“It’s an unfortunate thing, but I have to say yes.
When this all blew up, of course, Miss Jones – Meirion Jones’ aunt – was tracked down by reporters where she was door-stepped, which is a very unpleasant thing to be door-stepped by reporters & camera-men and suchlike.

But even so, her reply to the question about the abuse that went on was: ‘They were all sluts , they sold sex for cigarrettes.’

What does that tell you? If it doesn’t tell you that they knew then… why would she say such a thing?”

This is a particularly nasty accusation.

Margaret Jones actually said that her charges were “no angels“, the claims “wild allegations by well-known delinquents” –  a statement of fact.

Further, in Ward’s Victim Zero she refers to a time before Duncroft – the very trip where she claims to have run into a rogues’ gallery of rapists (and to have coincidentally received a bag of goodies – and cash! – from Savile):

“The Channel Islands holiday had taught me one thing of which I could always be certain: I need never go without money because I could always, always get money for sex. I didn’t have to enjoy it, and indeed I never did…”

It was exactly this kind of behaviour that could lead to girls being sent to Duncroft.
It was the work of Margaret Jones & team to lead them away from such a lifestyle.

Regarding Lucy Manning’s output of 2nd October 2012

There are several versions of her interview with Dee Coles which vary in length and content. The first, shorter video (2’17”) in which Manning makes the Coles/Savile/Haut de la Garenne link is no longer available on the ‘live’ ITV website but can still be viewed on the archived site here. Confusingly, the second, longer video (3’25”) cannot be viewed on the archived site – but can on the ‘live’ site & on YouTube.


Should anything disappear a copy of the audio recording can be found here and the video recordings can be found here.
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