18: Hell House! And a sweet-bag-rattling nonce this way comes…

“She [Dee Coles] never complained but Jersey Police today confirmed it had investigated a separate alleged assault by Jimmy Savile at the notorious former children’s home, Haut de la Garenne.” – Lucy Manning, 2nd October 2012

Continuing the theme raised in the previous post, we see that Manning immediately linked Haut de la Garenne to Savile (and with her ‘victim zero‘) in much the same way The Sun would do the following day.

“Dee Coles will go public on tonight’s ITV1 Documentary, Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile to encourage others to come forward. Savile was accused of an attack at Jersey’s Haut de la Garenne children’s home in the 1970s.” – The Sun

(It is notable that both The Sun and Manning refer to an assault or attack in the singular; the next post will cover that ‘singular event’ and the shame of those who sought its resurrection.)

The Telegraph, who despite repeating Manning’s ‘exclusive’ through their tie-in with ITN still appeared confused as to what it was they were publishing – “[t]he interview is part of an ITV documentary due to be aired on Wednesday night” – would later explicitly associate Dee Coles with Haut de la Garenne as nothing less than a resident of the damned place.

“Jersey children’s home victim breaks silence over abuse.
Dee Coles claims entertainer Jimmy Savile abused her while she was living at the Haut de la Garenne children’s home in Jersey.” – The Telegraph

If this was a mistake it was a mistake never corrected.

(It’s worth highlighting that when an error appears in the professional media it first passed through a system of editorial control. If you read the mistaken claim that, say, Karin Ward appeared in ‘Exposure’, not only does it suggest the journalist had not seen the programme but that nor had the journalist’s editor, legal department, etc.)

Our second ‘victim zero’, ex-Duncroftian Karin Ward, also explicitly linked Haut de la Garenne to Savile as the place where – rather improbably – she first met him: already in residential care, it would be during a holiday to Jersey that a visit to Hell House was arranged…

“The door of the building opened and out stepped none other than Jimmy Savile – the famous bloke off the telly! He had a fat cigar clamped between his teeth and wore a rather tatty old tracksuit. He held his arms way above his head and I could see he clutched several bulging bags in his hands.” – Karin Ward

Ward had just encountered the archetypical sweet-bag-rattling nonce – only a puppy in Savile’s pocket could improve the portrait.

“I did say hello to Mr Savile and he winked as he handed me a paper bag full of sweets; there was a five-pound note in the bag too, which caused me to goggle in amazement.” – Karin Ward

No puppy but a wink – it’s difficult not to laugh. But it is no joke to say that this ‘victim zero’ is considered credible – or passed off as credible – by Meirion Jones, Mark Williams-Thomas, Louis Theroux & Olly Lambert.

Karin Ward’s stories are not merely incidental but fundamental to that process termed Savilisation – they are a foundation on which so much shoddy workmanship was laid and upon which an edifice of idiocy was raised.

We are spared the image of Savile abusing Ward while in Jersey – that story held back for Duncroft – although the prospect of abuse having taken place is never entirely ruled out.

“His [Savile’s] distinctive voice was easily discernible even above the noise level of around fifty kids chattering and squealing. And that scene is where my memories suddenly and inexplicably become fractured and strange, as if I’m trying to peer through thick, frosted glass. There are brief snatches of absolute clarity…”
– Karin Ward

These ‘brief snatches’ include some memorable events which those who profess to believe Ward is being truthful  – Jones, Williams-Thomas, Theroux & Lambert – must logically consider to have occurred. It would therefore be very revealing to hear of their efforts in bringing the following culprits to justice:

“… locked inside a St Helier hotel room with a Frenchman who required me to perform fellatio upon him before he penetrated my body in every way possible, multiple times…”

Well, Messrs Jones, Williams-Thomas, Theroux & Lambert?

“… the hugely muscled boxer on the beach at St Ouen’s Bay one night, who carried me into the sea until he was up to his chest in water and told me he would drop me and stand on my head if I didn’t stop screaming. I stopped screaming; he raped me and left me alone in the dark on the beach.”

There certainly seem to be some solid clues to go on here: a boxer; predilection for sea-based rape; muscled (hugely) – an absolute gift for our ace investigative journalists and award-winning documentary makers.

Further, Ward’s reminiscences leave no doubt that some sort of evil ‘ring’ must have been in operation and while some details are sketchy it’s incomprehensible that those who have profitted financially and advanced their careers off the back of her Savile-strand would not also dedicate some time to the rest of it – yet there is nothing to suggest this is the case. Do they really believe her, do you suppose?

“Other, fleeting and far less clear memories of various sex acts with faceless, nameless people…” – Karin Ward

It’s no wonder Ward decided to abscond from the children’s home that had gifted her such a terrible (though event-packed) experience on Jersey.

“I’d plotted with a local Hell’s Angel to escape the night before leaving Columbine House, but my plans were foiled. I was caught… … and I was driven away by a social worker.” – Karin Ward

Driven to where? Why, to Duncroft of course. Would her luck change?

“The strangest thing of all though, was that not very long after I arrived at Duncroft, who should come visiting but Mr Savile!” – Karin Ward


References and more Karin Ward madness here. 

17: Zeros and nones

“The day before ‘Exposure’ (and before Ward’s first broadcast interview), Dee Coles became the first woman to be shown on television identifying Savile as a rapist. Coles contacted ITN after she heard news reports about the allegations against Savile. Coles was 14 years old and on holiday in Jersey when Savile raped her.”
– Karen Boyle

Karen Boyle is Professor of Feminist Media Studies at the University of Strathclyde, the institution that in 2018 published ‘Television and/as testimony in the Jimmy Savile case’ from where the quote is taken.

(The previous year Boyle had also produced ‘Hiding in Plain Sight: Gender, Sexism and Press Coverage of the Jimmy Savile Case’.)

The Ward to whom Boyle refers is, of course, Karin ‘Kat’ Ward, a prolific author of books about the sexual abuse of children aimed at people who enjoy reading about that kind of thing.

While Boyle raises some interesting points about the repeated use of ‘victim’ stories in the media, it is difficult to take any of it too seriously owing to numerous grammatical errors – suggesting it wasn’t proof-read prior to publication – and howling factual embarrassments (hinting at no one having read it post-publication either):

“Here, he shown [sic] on an elevated stage at an outdoor function, surrounded by an apparently appreciative audience. Although Coles is not in this footage, it nevertheless serves a similar evidentiary function to the Clunk Click clips: it places Savile at the scene of the crime (Jersey in the 1960s) whilst also supporting Coles’ reasoning for not coming forward, the low camera angle emphasising Savile’s power…” – Prof Boyle

The ‘scene of the crime’ was the 1970s and not the 1960s. And the camera angle?
God give me strength.

(As an aside, Coles’ evidence does not actually place either herself or Savile in Jersey  in the 1960s, 1970s or at any other time: the location is not obvious from her photographs and only by accepting Coles’ unchallenged word will we ‘know’ the location. But that’s for another day…)

Nevertheless, Boyle inadvertently strikes gold:

 “… reinforced through the repeated use of Ward and Coles – the two women who can, in different ways, lay claim to being ‘victim zero’ in the Savile case…”
– Prof Boyle

Indeed they can!

And there are some startling coincidences when we compare how the two zeros of Coles and Ward were used by the media, and what it all adds up to.

Firstly, although neither appeared in ‘Exposure’ both were unmistakeably said to be about to do so and were instrumental in supporting the media campaign behind it.
From The Sun:

“Dee Coles will go public on tonight’s ITV1 Documentary, Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile to encourage others to come forward. Savile was accused of an attack at Jersey’s Haut de la Garenne children’s home in the 1970s.”
– 2nd October 2012

And from the Daily Mail:

 “Karin Ward appears in the documentary ‘Exposure: The Other Side Of Jimmy Savile’, which airs on ITV tonight” – 3rd Oct 2012

(Ward in particular is still believed by many to have appeared in that dreadful programme & as the media told them that that had happened we shouldn’t be too surprised: “Ten months later Ward appeared in the ITV documentary Exposure” said The Guardian while The Telegraph claimed that “In Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile, broadcast on Wednesday, Karin Ward waived her anonymity to recount how she saw rock star Gary Glitter”.)

Secondly, they have lied repeatedly about their ages, both falsely claiming to having been 14 years old.

(It was revealed during the Freddie Starr/Karin Ward court case that Ward had been a few days short of her 16th birthday; shortly after the case concluded she was back on the television screen agreeing with the interviewer that she had been 14.)

Thirdly, both Ward & Coles were linked implicitly and explicitly by the media to Jersey’s ‘Hell House’ – the fabled Haut de la Garenne. And we might want to ask why.

16: If it lux like a dux, quax like a dux…


I write to draw your attention to the following:
‘The Dee Coles / Jimmy Savile Fraud’

Your role will be examined so perhaps you’d like to take a look.


Emailed to Liz Dux at her chambers 15th April 2019.

15: The school run

“She really really wanted the best for me. So she sent me to private school.
She’d given up a lot for me to be able to do that.” – Dee Coles

Coles was speaking of her mother to an unblushing Olly Lambert.
(Lambert’s site quotes The Times who declare him to be “one of the most talented documentary filmmakers working in British television”. Certainly one of the most ‘creative’…)

One could be forgiven for assuming Coles was raised solely by her mother yet that is not the case; the giant dad-shaped hole in the narrative has already been mentioned.

“I left school at 14 and got through life using drink and drugs.” – Dee Coles
I also left school at 14 – a couple of hundred times, in fact.
But then I would always return to school later – as, of course, did Dee Coles.
We can imagine her doing just that here.

It’s a corner that was passed as Coles toed and froed between home life and school – a toing and froing never to be interrupted by Jimmy Savile. Did she pop in to the newsagents for sweets & crisps on the way? We simply don’t know.

But wait! Maybe there was a secret portal to a magical multiverse hidden beneath the Wall’s Ice Cream sign that would account for Coles’ conflicting lifestories? You know, like in one of those crazy Children’s Film Foundation films of the time!

Perhaps, perhaps… but if so, the local council had already been along to clear it away by the time the photo was taken.

‘Tis a shame – it might have come in handy.
I almost forgot: Lucy Manning has been emailed at the BBC in a similar manner to Olly Lambert.

14: Lucy misses a sitter

“Savile once described himself as “the most Jewish Catholic you will ever meet”…”
– The Jewish Chronicle

I’ve yet to see from where this oft-repeated quote originates but here it was being recycled in a poorly-worded piece as the Leeds Jewish Welfare Board (LJWB) had “removed a gold plaque in Savile’s honour”.

(We last left Lucy Manning preparing that ‘wretched drench’ of homeopathic reportage – veracity diluted to such a level that laboratory tests suggest that in fact none at all remained. Just a ‘carrier’ of pure bullshit. The plaque came down a mere 9 days later…)

Some of Manning’s connections to Leeds have already been mentioned yet what was the largest criminal case of its type would pass her by, on her own ‘doorstep’, unperceived.
It was a scandal that would see victims in their hundreds: lives destroyed, reputations shattered & an institution in ruins.

Worse, there were those who’d defend the guilty: “I intend to offer my support”, they said; he was “a really nice guy”, “fantastic” even.

I am of course referring to the UK’s largest ever boiler-room scam which saw John Robert Manning – the corrupt Leeds lawyer and long-time president of the LJWB – bring the ambitious firm of lawyers of which he was a senior partner to its knees.

(It is of note that the few articles that appeared after the typically drawn-out fraud investigation struggle to accurately report the culprit’s age – including those from the “Mail on Sunday’s ace investigator”, Tony Hetherington; they also fail to provide Manning’s full name.)

But Lucy Manning – despite links to the city, its lawyers & charities – failed to pick up on the story. What would Philip Geddes have thought?

“Tonight certainly makes me proud to still be a member of the Leeds Jewish community.” – Lucy Manning, compère at the Leeds Jewish Community Pride Awards in aid of LJWB

But I almost forgot the point of this piece!

Manning never heard a peep about Jimmy Savile abusing children while he was alive.
Of course, neither did the NSPCC, Childline, NAPAC, etcetera.
Not even the Brighton-based Survivors’ Network.


Jimmy Savile came to my batmitzvah

13: The Temple of Woo

“The scientific concept behind Phytobiophysics is that the formulae harness the vibrational energy of plants to release energy blocks in the human body.”
– The Clinic

It’s a wonder Lucy Manning’s camera crew were able to record at all that day.
So many competing energies – bouncing off the walls of the ‘clinic’ as though trapped inside a game of Quantum Pong…

“Applying static magnets activates the body’s natural healing mechanisms by helping cells to regain their natural electromagnetic field.” – The Clinic

Were they just lucky finding that sweet spot where the chi cancelled out the om?
Or did Manning’s old-school rabbit’s foot do the trick? If not, other solutions could be sought:

“Tarot Counselling is an invitation to let our inner voice speak to us in the form of powerful archetypal images and symbols that carry a transformational force.”
– The Clinic

That such irrational idiocy not only exists but flourishes – and very profitably so! –  is perhaps indicative of a rot and of the mindset that has set in, infested, taken over… a ‘waving goodbye’ to common-sense, to logic and to reason.

Indeed, why wouldn’t you believe that Jimmy Savile had simultaneously abused two 14 year olds in a hotel carpark when you are prostrate before an altar of irrigated ani & Hopi ear candles?

“Qi energy is concentrated in channels that flow through our entire body, connecting to all our organs and tissues.” – The Clinic

The great irony is that Coles’ credibility as a Savile-accuser would hardly suffer were she to have been, say, a craniosacral therapist or practitioner of the delightfully-named Rolfing and Skilful Touch.

But that is not the case.

Coles, a relative beacon of sanity in a sea of stupidity, would work – nay, practise – there for several years before the fateful day. And she would learn – nay, absorb – much that would be useful for her performance when it came.

We shall return to dissect in excruciating detail that work.
But for now we are Leeds-bound – and is that our homeopathic newshound’s nose we see a-twitching?

12: The Barber of Savile

“Dee, who works as a barber, never married.”
– The Mirror

 A barber – according to the Oxford English Dictionary – is “a person who cuts men’s hair and shaves or trims beards as an occupation.

That that person is almost always male is a given, but there is no real reason why this should be the case; a novel & unconventional occupation for a female, certainly, but let us applaud this rejection of pointless gender stereotyping.


Of course, it may have been an occupation that was assigned to her rather than one chosen by her – a faithful following in the footsteps of he-whose-name-must-never-be-mentioned: pater Coles.

Regardless, what interests us here is not the interior of Dee Coles’ barbershop – nor the unglamorous tasks carried out therein – but what lay out there, glimpsed through the condensation-laden windows, out there, directly across the street…

A second chance! An opportunity! A new start!

What Coles could see would come to play a significant role in her life during the years that preceeded her claim of having been a victim of Jimmy Savile.

Lucy Manning’s interview with Dee Coles was filmed in that location.

That Manning did not mention Coles’ career as a barber is understandable; neglecting to mention Coles’ parallel career was a cynical and deliberate act of deception.

11: Message to Olly Lambert


You may wish to have a glance at the following:

“The Dee Coles / Jimmy Savile Fraud”

No need to reply, but were you to do so it might be taken down in evidence etc.

Just limbering up at the moment but you shall figure heavily (along with Lucy Manning & Liz Dux). As it says on the frontpage:

“This site will focus on unravelling the claims of Dee Coles – and ask some uncomfortable questions of those who publicised them.”

It’s going to be a bumpy ride. Perhaps a beta-blocker would help…


Sent to Olly Lambert 10th April 2019.

10: What a difference a year makes!

“He wrecked my life. I left school at 14 and got through life using drink and drugs.”
– Dee Coles

It would not be unreasonable to ask what difference a year makes; I hope to answer that question here.

Leaving Dee Coles to one side for a moment, there are occasions when a lapse of memory – or even a little exaggeration – may be overlooked or forgiven.
The truth of what did happen will outweigh any ‘discrepancies’ that did not.

(Obviously in cases of quite deliberate deception this ought not apply.)

In 2015 – and with the UK in the midst of a full-blown paedophile panic – the Telegraph’s assistant news editor, Bill Gardner, produced a series of “exclusives” with such astonishing titles as ‘Thatcher confidant raped boy and police covered crime up’.

“Now he says he has now decided to come forward again after watching victims of Jimmy Savile telling their stories.” – Bill Gardner in The Telegraph

The articles provide quite precise information: the boy was 14 years old; the year was 1982; the police were immediately involved; and so on.
The alleged victim – whose father is also interviewed – appears in a video with Gardner. There is no good reason for any confusion over basic facts.

“I was never the same after what happened – he ruined my life really. I left school soon afterwards because I lost all my confidence.” – The Victim

The culprit is the long-dead MP Peter Morrison and it is suggested that the venue was the “notorious” Elm Guest House. Some of us groaned. And waited…

The UK’s ongoing Institutional Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse recently revealed the truth of the matter: the victim was 15 (not 14) and the year was 1983 (not 1982). Given that Elm Guest House closed in 1982 it is quite clear why the year – and therefore also the age – were deliberately changed.

The culprit – tried & convicted – was named; it was not Peter Morrison. Given the short sentence received it might also be wise to question the nature of the offence as reported by Gardner in the Telegraph. Or wiser still to simply ignore Gardner in the Telegraph…

In short, the story was rubbish.

This unconnected case, which nonetheless bears similarities to that of Coles, illustrates clearly why a year may make all the difference: the difference between a story being true, and a story being false.


Links and further reading here.

9: When I’m 54

“… I might as well be 14 instead of 54…” – Dee Coles

To initiate a lie is easy. To perpetuate one is not.

It is the morning of Wednesday, 3rd October 2012 and Dee Coles is about to tie herself in knots.

Approximately 39 hours have passed since first contact between Coles and ITV (we are led to believe) and less than 24 hours have elapsed since Lucy Manning’s “exclusive”.

Mark Williams-Thomas’ “Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile” will be broadcast later that same day.

BBC Radio Jersey interview Dee Coles; her age at the time of the alleged attack – 14 – is mentioned no less than ten times. (She was not 14 when asking Jimmy Savile for a photograph.)

However, what is of interest here is not her age then, but her age now, today, speaking on live radio. She claims to be 54. She was not.

She was 55.
Or as Dee Coles might say, were she speaking truthfully, 55 and a half.

“[B]y definition, telling a lie requires one to intentionally instill a false belief in the mind of another. To do so successfully necessitates an awareness that other people’s knowledge of a situation may vary from one’s own, and, moreover, an awareness that this knowledge can be manipulated through deceit.”
– The Oxford Handbook of Lying

You can read a transcription and listen to the audio here. You will note that she is a confident & convincing liar, her confidence no doubt boosted by the complicit involvement of the UK Editor of ITV: Lucy Manning.

Already too late to stop digging, it’s to the earth’s core she’s headed.