15: The school run

“She really really wanted the best for me. So she sent me to private school.
She’d given up a lot for me to be able to do that.” – Dee Coles

Coles was speaking of her mother to an unblushing Olly Lambert.
(Lambert’s site quotes The Times who declare him to be “one of the most talented documentary filmmakers working in British television”. Certainly one of the most ‘creative’…)

One could be forgiven for assuming Coles was raised solely by her mother yet that is not the case; the giant dad-shaped hole in the narrative has already been mentioned.

“I left school at 14 and got through life using drink and drugs.” – Dee Coles
I also left school at 14 – a couple of hundred times, in fact.
But then I would always return to school later – as, of course, did Dee Coles.
We can imagine her doing just that here.

It’s a corner that was passed as Coles toed and froed between home life and school – a toing and froing never to be interrupted by Jimmy Savile. Did she pop in to the newsagents for sweets & crisps on the way? We simply don’t know.

But wait! Maybe there was a secret portal to a magical multiverse hidden beneath the Wall’s Ice Cream sign that would account for Coles’ conflicting lifestories? You know, like in one of those crazy Children’s Film Foundation films of the time!

Perhaps, perhaps… but if so, the local council had already been along to clear it away by the time the photo was taken.

‘Tis a shame – it might have come in handy.
I almost forgot: Lucy Manning has been emailed at the BBC in a similar manner to Olly Lambert.

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