14: Lucy misses a sitter

“Savile once described himself as “the most Jewish Catholic you will ever meet”…”
– The Jewish Chronicle

I’ve yet to see from where this oft-repeated quote originates but here it was being recycled in a poorly-worded piece as the Leeds Jewish Welfare Board (LJWB) had “removed a gold plaque in Savile’s honour”.

(We last left Lucy Manning preparing that ‘wretched drench’ of homeopathic reportage – veracity diluted to such a level that laboratory tests suggest that in fact none at all remained. Just a ‘carrier’ of pure bullshit. The plaque came down a mere 9 days later…)

Some of Manning’s connections to Leeds have already been mentioned yet what was the largest criminal case of its type would pass her by, on her own ‘doorstep’, unperceived.
It was a scandal that would see victims in their hundreds: lives destroyed, reputations shattered & an institution in ruins.

Worse, there were those who’d defend the guilty: “I intend to offer my support”, they said; he was “a really nice guy”, “fantastic” even.

I am of course referring to the UK’s largest ever boiler-room scam which saw John Robert Manning – the corrupt Leeds lawyer and long-time president of the LJWB – bring the ambitious firm of lawyers of which he was a senior partner to its knees.

(It is of note that the few articles that appeared after the typically drawn-out fraud investigation struggle to accurately report the culprit’s age – including those from the “Mail on Sunday’s ace investigator”, Tony Hetherington; they also fail to provide Manning’s full name.)

But Lucy Manning – despite links to the city, its lawyers & charities – failed to pick up on the story. What would Philip Geddes have thought?

“Tonight certainly makes me proud to still be a member of the Leeds Jewish community.” – Lucy Manning, compère at the Leeds Jewish Community Pride Awards in aid of LJWB

But I almost forgot the point of this piece!

Manning never heard a peep about Jimmy Savile abusing children while he was alive.
Of course, neither did the NSPCC, Childline, NAPAC, etcetera.
Not even the Brighton-based Survivors’ Network.


Jimmy Savile came to my batmitzvah

4 thoughts on “14: Lucy misses a sitter

    1. I read your piece when searching for the source, Moor. It’s a ‘quoted quote’ if you like, always taking the exact same form no matter where it appears:

      “… once described himself as “the most Jewish Catholic you will ever meet”…”

      Given that the media’s propensity for plain invention appears only to be balanced at times by their utter uselessness when it comes to checking details (a recurring theme on this humble blog) I wondered if Savile had, in fact, ever said such a thing at all. Whence was this ‘once’?!?

      But it certainly sounds like something Savile MIGHT have said – I can HEAR him saying it as I type! – but who knows? What he might have meant by the phrase also intrigued me; I have (or had) older relatives who could easily have employed a “so-and-so’s a bit of a jew” without meaning to offend Jews at all, as hard as it may now be for some to believe. Stock-phrases, casually tossed into a conversation without any real thought behind them… relatives from Leeds, as it ‘appens!

      Anyway, this is reminding me of some of Meirion Jones’ utterances that I re-stumbled upon the other day, even more jaw-dropping the second-time around… I’ll see if I can dig ’em up.

      1. So far as I can tell, the source is the Jewish Chronicle, not the “mainstream media” in general, and the account seems to relate it back to his visit to “the Holy Land” for a 1975 Jim’ll Fix It, when he reputedly addressed the Knesset. So maybe a bit Jim Flim-Flam in the house.

        Interestingly a google indicates Joe Biden has been “awarded” a similar epithet by a Jewish magazine, as has the ex-Pope Benedict! I cannot find any epithet rendered as, “most Jewish Protestant”.

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