9: When I’m 54

“… I might as well be 14 instead of 54…” – Dee Coles

To initiate a lie is easy. To perpetuate one is not.

It is the morning of Wednesday, 3rd October 2012 and Dee Coles is about to tie herself in knots.

Approximately 39 hours have passed since first contact between Coles and ITV (we are led to believe) and less than 24 hours have elapsed since Lucy Manning’s “exclusive”.

Mark Williams-Thomas’ “Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile” will be broadcast later that same day.

BBC Radio Jersey interview Dee Coles; her age at the time of the alleged attack – 14 – is mentioned no less than ten times. (She was not 14 when asking Jimmy Savile for a photograph.)

However, what is of interest here is not her age then, but her age now, today, speaking on live radio. She claims to be 54. She was not.

She was 55.
Or as Dee Coles might say, were she speaking truthfully, 55 and a half.

“[B]y definition, telling a lie requires one to intentionally instill a false belief in the mind of another. To do so successfully necessitates an awareness that other people’s knowledge of a situation may vary from one’s own, and, moreover, an awareness that this knowledge can be manipulated through deceit.”
– The Oxford Handbook of Lying

You can read a transcription and listen to the audio here. You will note that she is a confident & convincing liar, her confidence no doubt boosted by the complicit involvement of the UK Editor of ITV: Lucy Manning.

Already too late to stop digging, it’s to the earth’s core she’s headed.


6 thoughts on “9: When I’m 54

  1. And the word ’empower’ makes its debut, although it was the interviewer who started it. An American interviewer did the same with one of Cosby’s accusers (who was clearly nuts).

    1. Hello Sean.

      It’s the type of language with which Coles is more than familiar – though she is not nuts herself. Er, at least not in the way you may be thinking…

      I’m in for the long-haul here & it may be a while before I get around to it, but here’s a bit of a clue: Lucy Manning’s interview of the day before took place in ‘a safe space’ of Coles’ choosing. I’ll say no more for now!

    1. Who, Dee or Lucy?!?

      I’m guessing you were referring to the former but if I say too much here I’ll lose the motivation for finally setting it all out as a grudging blogger, so…

      I will say that a case COULD be made for the motive being any one of several: attention (there’s been an astonishing amount of it), financial (she has made money), campaigning (involvement with related organizations), displacement (shifting crimes of another onto Savile’s shoulders), conspiracy (media/legal involvement in pushing her stories relentlessly), etcetera.

      I’ll cover plenty of the above as time allows. But it’s honestly those behind the scenes who I’m aiming at as I have a soft spot for compulsive liars, nutters & cranks having known a couple of ’em personally – can’t help myself! – and don’t wish her any ill at all. So far as I’m concerned it is THEY, and not her, who need holding to account.

      Having said all that the simpler answer as to why she lied about being 54 is that it was the only way to bolster the lie about being 14 (and therefore the lie about ever having been a victim of Jimmy Savile). One lie begets another… it must be exhausting.

      1. I have been reading Moor’s blog from the beginning and have got to May 2015 and by coincidence I read this one today: Jim Cannot Fix This: ‘Crime Watch’ (2015/05) In the comments you mention your soft spot for the liars and fantasists! I have known a few myself. They just make it up as they go along being both ‘good’ at it (they do it with ease) and ‘bad’ (getting it to hang together). I am also reading one of Patricia Hismith’s Ripley books (he was another). And when I was a teacher (so long ago now that I don’t even mind calling it to mind) I got used to the strategy: cover up your first lie with three more and then, while you are hunting those down, cover those up with three more each, and so ad infinitum. They know you are too worn out to take it very far.

        1. For some odd reason I was thinking of Ripley as I exited the shower last night! Though I’ll confess ’twas the film and not the book…

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