7: Birth at Brudenell Road

Being raised in an Irish Catholic X Jewish family the 3 things we did with passion was Eat Argue & Guilt. I’ve always been political & been to more demonstrations & been arrested more times than I can remember.” – Dee Coles

We last left Coles’ confetti-covered ‘n’ newly-married parents in 1953.
By doin’ the Lambeth Walk they have now arrived in Walthamstow. It’s early 1957.

Perhaps Dee Coles doesn’t even remember the house in which she first lived. It may well have changed considerably between then & now, but regardless

Was it father Dennis’ overflowing love for his newborn daughter Denise that led to the family seeking out fresher pastures on the south coast, that dirty old town of London being no place at all to raise a family?

Or was it the cramped circumstances of having to share a home with Brigid’s relative that motivated them? Who knows? We’ll leave them in peace until they’re all settled in Brighton.

“Everything free and easy
Do as darn well pleasey
Why don’t you make your way there?
Go there, stay there” – The Lambeth Walk




5 thoughts on “7: Birth at Brudenell Road

    1. Appendixitis, Moor!

      I’d started this blog in a completely different format: rambling inter-linked pages stuffed with pictures & links. It was a complete mess. Not really having any clue about how this WordPress platform functions I’d wrongly assumed that it’d be a breeze tidying everything up before finally hitting ‘publish’… but it was going to be a bloody nightmare.

      So I junked the lot. When I decided to give it another go I thought I’d be disciplined: as few links as possible and NO images. Er, not sure why I thought this would make my life easier, but I’m sticking with it, more or less, for now at least!

      Also, I think I’d seen you mention somewhere that almost no one could be bothered reading longer posts… so I’d keep ’em short & snappy, factual ‘nuggets’ that anyone could digest – even those who have forgotten how to use a knife & fork and consume their ‘news’ from a bucket with their fingers. I’m trying to make the links as invisible as possible except the ones in red; due to some peculiarity with this platform I can’t always ‘hide’ them as well as I’d like and they remain underlined.

      Finally, having transcribed interviews and what not – a really tedious job – they may as well be included to save anyone else the bother. There are some real gems buried in there…

  1. I think I missed some of the earlier links, Bandini. I see the one here takes me to Appendix 6. Perhaps that will please you, but I have no objecion to seeing the odd underlined word, or bit of red ink.

    1. Oh, go on then!
      Seemed like a good idea at the time, but the links have now been fixed for all you inveterate clickers.
      (They’ll either be underlined or in red.)

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