4: Come on Maureen

“… she was 14 and on holiday with her mum Maureen at the Ommaroo Hotel in Havre des Pas, near St Helier, Jersey…” – The Mirror

The Mirror newspaper article contains yet another interview with Dee Coles, her unbridled imagination galloping wildly across its pages…

For a number of reasons we shall return to the article at a later date but for now suffice to say that “mum Maureen” didn’t exist.

Dee Coles’ mother was named Brigid. Middle name Ellen. Not Maureen.


Too – ra
Loo – ra
Too – ra
Loo – rye aye.

4 thoughts on “4: Come on Maureen

    1. It’s good to see you here, Misa.
      You’ll be getting a mention when we get to the ‘shady’ business of those photos!

    1. Eh-up, Rabbitaway!
      Although this is ostensibly ‘all about Dee’ in reality she’s only a means to an end – going after her would be akin to the police busting petty street dealers whilst the real ringleaders are left free to buy up half of London…

      The ‘ringleaders’ here – those who have profited from her false claims & seen their own careers progress due to them – are, for the purposes of this blog, Olly Lambert, Lucy Manning & Liz Dux. Though the entire useless media joined in it’s a good idea to have a clear target & aims. I may need some help rattling their cages in the future…

      Oh, and I hadn’t planned on doing things this way at all, rather I’d started to compile all the evidence with the intention of inviting them (Lambert, Manning and Dux plus, reluctantly, Dee Coles) to respond/comment/justify themselves PRIOR to publication. But it span out of control, a convoluted mess I was not up to the job of sorting out, so I junked the lot. But it kept nibbling away at my conscience, and when I awoke from a dream conversation with Moor Larkin I knew I’d have to just go for it for the sake of my own sanity!

      I have the utmost respect for Moor, but he is NOT a welcome guest in my subconscience! Sod off, Moor!! Leave me in peace!!!

      So, for better or worse, here we are.

      Right-o, it’s about time Manning made an appearance, I think…

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